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camanhere 10-01-06 06:23 PM

9625beta + apci + geforce440go = black screen
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I run into a big problem with new beta driver!

If I start in recovery-mode (acpi is NOT startet) nvidia works fine!

When I start X I get a black screen. I can't kill X, neither switch/go back to terminal, so I can't support you with any kernel messages.

The hdd-light indicates everything still works; i can still shut down with keybindings.
On second boot Xorg.0.log.old has no errors!
!Old drivers just worked fine!

Can somebody point me towards a solution?

Samsung X10 1400 Centrino, Geforce 440go, Ubuntu Edgy.
attached is the nvidia-bug-report (acpi NOT startet).

P.S. anyway... thanks for beta-drivers. Compiz works without any problems here! :clap:

lcmidas 10-30-06 08:18 PM

Re: 9625beta + apci + geforce440go = black screen
hey, how did you fix the problem? i have the same card.

McNihil 10-31-06 06:10 PM

Re: 9625beta + apci + geforce440go = black screen
I had that problem but it was due to i2c-?? for the video being enabled when using lm_sensors.

to switch off acpi you can add the following to the /etc/grub.conf file


last on the that has the kernel specified

baeksu 11-07-06 07:03 PM

Re: 9625beta + apci + geforce440go = black screen
It might be the same problem discussed in this thread:

The solution is to disable video acpi in the kernel (so you can still have other parts, i.e. battery, ac_adapter, working).

See my post here:

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