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Tidal 10-06-06 03:47 PM

Geforce 6600
Im kinda new to this game. I just upgraded my old geforce 2 ti ( dont laugh) to a Geforce 6600. I want to know what are the best drivers for this card.

Forceware or detonator? Am in confused by saying this or what? Im not sure which ones to install to get the best performance out of the card.

Also, what is the bet Tweak utility out there for this card.

Any information is much appreciated.


ragejg 10-06-06 06:13 PM

Re: Geforce 6600
Newest Forceware drivers

+ Atuner

The 6600 (great card :)) benifits from improvements brought forth in newer driver releases...

Enjoy the upgrade :D

Tidal 10-07-06 12:24 AM

Re: Geforce 6600
Ok having major issues with this card.

I just formatted windows XP, I am running an older P4 Mobo at 4x agp.

I installed the latest Forceware drivers.

I just install WoW for the first time to try it out and im getting all these kinda streaks across the screen and whatnot.

Fast write is off in the bios, Vertical Sync is off as well.

Im soo frustrated with it right now i wanna through it out the window.

Its a Brand New SParkle 6600.

What now guys? Im in desperate need for advise as im very frustrated right now


Blakhart 10-07-06 10:49 AM

Re: Geforce 6600
Are you certain that all mobo drivers are installed? Any game patches you need?
What settings have you tried in the vid card?

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