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cake 02-21-03 01:24 PM

X freezes on logout
Hello all.

I have a wird problem. Any time I try to exit from my SuSE 8.1 or log in as a different user, with latest oficial SuSE kernel, and latest Nvidia drivers, the X starts the shutdown process, desktop disappears, then I get only blue lines over the whole screen and that's it, the machine freezes. I already have ACPI disabled in Kernel and when I disable ACPi in bios, this does not happen, but, I need acpi for WXP (Games only....).

My system:

MSI 845PE Max2
MSI GF4 Ti 4200
P4 2,4 GHz
512 MB Ram

If you have any suggestions, I will gladly accept any hint to solve this problem.

bwkaz 02-21-03 02:04 PM

Why do you need ACPI for Windows XP? That doesn't make a lot of sense... it'll run just fine with ACPI disabled (at least, in my experience this has been the case).

cake 02-22-03 07:02 PM

Well, If I swith off the ACPI in Bios, the WXP just refuses to start. I know this would be the easisest way to go, but it seems I need some other solution.

elicriffield 02-22-03 11:40 PM

i have the same problem, but it seems my motherboard doesn't allow me to turn off acpi so i don't know if that would fix it or not.

X crashes hard (total lock that softdog can't recover from) every time i close X or go to a virtual terminal ALT-CTRL-1 then back to X ALT-CTRL-7

This is a show stoper to me.. If i can't figure out how to get this fixed i'll start trying to figure out how to my money back for this card.

Does anyone have a solution???


Geforce 2 MX (with svideo tvout)
Redhat 8.0
Soyo Dragon Plus MB

Andy Mecham 02-23-03 02:57 AM

Does the same crash happen if you use 1.0-3123?


cake 02-23-03 06:02 AM

Yes, the same thing happened with 3123. I did not go more into the past, as I think 28xx something line was not ment for GF4.

elicriffield 02-23-03 10:46 AM

with 1.0-3123 i can logout and when it restarts x i can log back in fine so that part works, but if i do ALT-CTL-1 to swtich to a virual terminal then back to X with ATL-CTRL-7 I get the same lockup



mczombie 02-24-03 02:42 AM

apm=off acpi=off acpi=force acpismp=force kernel options probably can fix your problem or try latest suse kernel from suse ftp.

elicriffield 02-24-03 08:49 AM

Not sure what you mean by acpi=off then acpi=force??
I don't know of any force in my kernel config.

My Kernel has no "Power Management support"
so ACPI support is off and Advanced Power Management BIOS support is off ect...

I don't think i'll try a suse kernel on a redhat box.


elicriffield 02-24-03 08:54 AM

Oh it just hit me that you ment to pass them as options to the kernel on boot...

Would that make any diffrence if power managment isn't enabled in the kernel?


mczombie 02-24-03 10:02 AM

Dont know exacly about bios, i think it must be acpi compiliant for sure, about on or off not sure, try to search for some acpi howto or something.

mczombie 02-24-03 10:25 AM

I found in suse kernel change log that this http://www.nongnu.org/dmidecode/
util can tell you is your system and bios ready for acpi or not, also you need latest acpi kernel patches applied.

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