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cmarvel 10-20-06 11:42 AM

Using 7174 with Nvidia Riva TNT2 card
Well, it didn't work for me. When the driver started up, it seemed fine. Whenever I opened up a window and then closed it, the background would have a small square with the same text and/or color of the previous window. Whenever I would log out, the screen would have a slow-moving rolling display while the logout menu would appear.
After uninstalling the 7184 driver and editing xorg.conf, X would hang whenever I would run startx either as root or any other user. I had to reinstall my Linux 2007 from scratch in order to get the nv driver installed.
Any ideas about the background/foreground problems mentioned above?


Daydre@m 10-22-06 08:08 AM

Re: Using 7174 with Nvidia Riva TNT2 card
Have you tried any older driver sets ?

Try jumping to an older driver set, usually newer drivers on such an older card don't give any significant improvements.

I have never used linux though so i dont know anything else to advise, you might want to try asking a moderator to move this thread to the Linux section. That way you'll have a higher chance of getting accurate replies...

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