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howelk 02-23-03 09:42 AM

A7N266-C Linux Startup Issue w APM?
Hi all,

I've installed several distro's (redhat 7.2, 8.0, Advanced Server 2.1). The installations are fine - i did have the Grub issue - but switching to LILO fixed the initial boot issue.

Anyway - during the boot process it hangs starting the APM daemon regardless of the distro.. Any ideas?

Also is anyone loading the nvidia kernels for redhat or suse?


Chalnoth 02-24-03 11:58 AM

I had this problem too, with the A7N266-C. I was able to work around it by forcing the APM Daemon to not load (by removing the ???apmd files in the /etc/rc.d/rc.# directories).

But then X would continually crash after login, since both Gnome and KDE load their own APM Daemons. So, I finally downloaded Fluxbox and that worked.

Anyway, I never was able to find a solution on my A7N266-C motherboard, but it was finally fixed when I upgraded to an A7N8X. As a side note, I think Asus did a crappy job on the A7N266-C.

tlarm 02-26-03 09:46 AM

I have tried several flavors of Linux and the only run I could get to run on my Asus A7266-VM is Mandrake. Same type of thing, the screen would go blank and no response.
I agree these mb's stink!

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