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belle_eden 02-24-03 06:26 AM

game crash when using tri-linear filtering
actually i'm using a computer with an asus k7m motherboard (irongate chipset) and a geforce 2 gts with a mandrake 9.1 RC1 distro & the nvidia 1.0-4191 driver.

I have really no stability problem (although the irongate chipsets cause apparently problems as told in the driver README), except when I use tri-linear filtering on all linux games like ut 2003, quake 3, ... !!!
PC crashes completly after a random amount of time (but rather quickly) :-(

I tried with a lot of different kernels and XFree versions, but behaviour stays the same. I can use bi-linear filtering and all graphic options set to the max (and so stress the PC) without any problem, so it's quite strange that only tri-linear filtering makes my PC unstable !
Is it a known problem, or i am alone in that case ???
Is it a bug, or is it the geforce 2 gts + k7m that don't support correctly tri-linear filtering ?
Does it give a solution ?

Thanx :)

belle_eden 03-01-03 07:58 AM

I reply to myself, just to tell that it wasn't a driver bug. In fact, the fan on the geforce 2 was dead :(
Impressing that the card didn't burn !

Sorry and thanx.

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