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HankNV 11-03-06 02:54 PM

Black Screen of Death on SMP system
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Running Debian Etch with a 2.6.18 kernel on Dual Pentium-III with a Hercules II Prophet MX/400 using the Xorg-server 7.0.0 with the 8776 Nvidia driver.

Only works if I disable NvAGP in the xorg.conf section.
Option "NvAGP" "0"
Tried changing the os-registry.c file settings to downgrade the rate to values of 2 and 1. Neither work.

My motherboard only supports 2x rate.

But reading through the posts have come to the conclusion that this an SMP problem. I've had this working before but uninstalled and tried the DRI supported cards like ATI Radeon's, Matrox 400's, etc. But none have given the equivalent performance from the Geforce2 card using the nvidia driver.

Seen a few posts about a patch to get the i2c working. But no patches for this particular version of the driver so it works on an SMP system. But here's the log file before the whole system locks up and is unable to log anymore.

The log file is included

Thanks, for any help.


netllama 11-03-06 03:21 PM

Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system
If this problem persists with the 1.0-9626 driver, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.


HankNV 11-03-06 03:26 PM

Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system
Ok, The problem persists. Tried that last night. Same results. Have to use Option "NvAGP" "0" to get it to work. Should have reported that also.

I'll post a report later. See if I can't get my old m68k mac to ssh into the Intel box before booting into X to see if I can't come up with a better bug report. But currently when the screen freezes can't even ping into the Intel machine.


HankNV 11-04-06 07:14 PM

Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system
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Okay, here's a description of the problem. I boot into X using startx -- -verbose 5 -logverbose 5. The screen goes blank and freezes the system.

I am logged in with ssh on an adjacent computer, but am unable to connect after the screen goes blank. No output is generated to the Xorg.0.log file.

I attached the bug-report log.

Thanks for any help,


HankNV 11-05-06 06:50 PM

Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system
Tried the patch for the i2c found on another post for the 9625 driver. It didn't do anything. Same results. Have tried acpi=off noapic, etc. no luck.

Is there a good way to throw some debugging information into a secure shell. When restarting the driver, the system locks up before it can generate a log. I need some way to be able to save some useful log information.

Tried using -- -logverbose 5 -verbose 5 but, the the system locks up too fast to generate any log file.

I'm going to try 9626 since it's out. Will keep you posted.


HankNV 11-06-06 12:26 PM

Re: Black Screen of Death on SMP system
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Okay, have tried the new 9626 on this system. Have the same results. Black screen of death using the NvAGP = 1, NvAGP = 2 (using built in AGPGart Module: built a kernel with this enabled to try out this option in case it happened to work when the nvidia agpgart would not).

Only works when Option NvAGP = 0

This particular Xorg.0.log included in the bug report log, comes from a previous successful boot using the NvAGP = 0 option. No report is generated when using the NvAGP = 1. Since I didn't compile the kernel with AgpGart support, I used this option to use Nvidia's agpgart. This bug report is generated after rebooting the system after the system freezes because of running the following:

startx -logverbose 5

The /etc/X11/xorg.conf file has the Option NvAGP set to 1 when this occurs.

Appreciate any help.


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