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ericfenderson 11-04-06 09:50 PM

Question on Quadro NVS 110/120M
Hi everyone,

I've been looking at laptops that use the Quadro NVS 110/120M chipset. From what I've found here, it looks like the most recent releases of the nVidia drivers fully support this chipset. Anyone using the chipset with X11? How's the performance with various applications? I'm an occasional gamer/video watcher.

Thanks for any information!

Thunderbird 11-05-06 03:38 AM

Re: Question on Quadro NVS 110/120M
The GPU is similar to a geforce 7300go/7400go and those are reasonable chips for a laptop. You should be able to play modern games like quake4 on it at an acceptable speed. Watching video should be possible aswell.

ericfenderson 11-06-06 06:41 PM

Re: Question on Quadro NVS 110/120M
Cool, good to hear. A friend suggested I also find out if this chipset supports the features required for DirectX 9 or not? Since I'll be using it with X11, I don't know how this will affect it for me, though I will be playing games via Cedega when I play.


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