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bathat 11-05-06 01:02 AM

howto change resolution
This is going to sound really stupid but I cannot figure out how to change the resolution with the nvidia driver. I'm stuck at 1280x1024. I've been using the nv software driver ever since I bought my nvidia fx5200 card and all the resolutions up to 2048x1536 are available under Settings>Display (XFCE 4.3.99). Not the case with the nvidia driver. I was thiking it might be possible with the nvidia-settings tool... no such luck.

Also, I find it a little weird that when I checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log after attempting to boot with the driver, it says something about there not being a "schema" for 1280x1024 when I have the following Modes set in xorg.conf.


Modes      "2048x1536 1920x1440 1920x1200 1856x1392 1792x1344 1680x1050 1600x1200 1400x1050 1440x900 1280x1024 1280x960 1280x800 1152x864 1152x768 1024x768"
Also, it's unable to load glx for some reason. I've tried reinstalling the latest stable release and am now using the latest beta. Both don't work.


Thunderbird 11-05-06 03:36 AM

Re: howto change resolution
You can change the resolution in your xorg.conf file (in the screen section) or you can these days use nvidia-settings to add new resolutions on the fly (it can edit the config file aswell).

bathat 11-05-06 03:56 AM

Re: howto change resolution
Oh, I forgot to mention that I also have the following line:

ModeLine      "1792x1344" 261.00 1792 1900 2116 2404 1344 1357 1360 1393 -hsync +vsync
Didn't see a way to change the res with nvidia-settings so I'll have to check that again.

Thanks for the help.

bathat 11-05-06 05:25 AM

Re: howto change resolution
Wow, I was able to change the resolution with nvidia-settings just as you said. I have no idea how I missed that the first time.

It would be nice if I could still change it the old-fashioned way but I never change my res anyway so it's no big deal.

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