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directedition 11-06-06 04:24 PM

Twin-view + TVOut
I was wondering if anyone had an idea how best to handle having two monitors plus a TV. Do I have to setup the two monitors as twin-view and the TV on a seperate XScreen? Or is it possible to have all three on the same screen? I'm trying to setup an editing environment and it would be nice if I could have the editor span the two monitors and have the resulting image displayed on the TV. If I use a seperate X screen, I don't think I'll be able to pull that off.

Thanks in advance.

AaronP 11-06-06 05:25 PM

Re: Twin-view + TVOut
Only two outputs at a time can be active.

directedition 11-06-06 07:29 PM

Re: Twin-view + TVOut
Can I increase this with an SLI setup?

AaronP 11-06-06 07:45 PM

Re: Twin-view + TVOut
SLI is currently limited to only one display device. However, you can configure multiple X screens or Xinerama with more than one graphics card.

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