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labba 11-10-06 04:20 PM

DFP scaling broken again in 9742?
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is it possible that 9742 BETA broke scaling support again? Since I installed this version resolutions other than the native 1280x1024 aren't scaled correctly (image gets streched). I noticed there are some new options in nvidia-settings but they do nothing for me. The only thing that happens when I check "Force full GPU scaling" is that my screen turns completely black for about 1 second and I can't change anything -> Screenshot

My card is a GF FX5900...

Dragoran 11-11-06 01:51 AM

Re: DFP scaling broken again in 9742?
haven't tryed it with xorg.conf
but I have the same issue with nvidia settings; whats even worse when compiz is running toggling the "Force Full GPU Scaling" option causes serve graphic corruption and needs a X restart to recover. (tested on 7800 GTX and GO 7600)

labba 11-21-06 04:14 AM

Re: DFP scaling broken again in 9742?

A statement regarding this problem would be very nice!

AaronP 11-21-06 04:36 AM

Re: DFP scaling broken again in 9742?
According to the screenshot, your desktop (i.e., "Frontend Resolution") is the panel native resolution of 1280x1024. Since no scaling is being performed, no options are available. Can you take a screenshot of the nvidia-settings page with a resolution other than 1280x1024 and "Force Full GPU Scaling" enabled?

labba 11-21-06 12:48 PM

Re: DFP scaling broken again in 9742?
Hey Aaron,
thanks for your answer.
You are right: If I switch resolution to 1024x768 and start nvidia-settings I can change the scaling options and they take affect. But I think that is a quite strange behaviour, isn't it? Shouldn't the options be adjustable regardless of which resolution is currently selected?

EDIT: Is it planned to fix the problem, that the screen turns black when changing GPU-Scaling settings?

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