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ckolivas 11-11-06 05:00 AM

BUG with every VT switch
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With my hardware configuration, I have recently changed from a CRT monitor to an LCD monitor using the digital output instead of the old VGA connector. Since that change, every single time I switch virtual terminals I get a bug report like the following one. It has happened on every nvidia driver I tried from the 7* series to the latest 9629 one. I have to reboot due to the magnitude of the corruption usually hanging the machine. This is a showstopper for my usage.

It has happened on every kernel I tried 2.6.16-2.6.18 whether it was -ck (like in the attached log) or unmodified vanilla as well.

BUG and nvidia-bug-report log in attached zip.

ckolivas 11-12-06 06:32 PM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
So that a showstopper bug like this doesn't get lost in the forum noise I'll add more information to bump it back up.

The bug happens reliably on *any* VT switch; it is not a random occurrence. The screen then freezes and does not respond. I can however SSH in and force a reboot, but I cannot use the pc directly. It does not matter whether the kernel is +/- smp, preempt or different VMSPLIT either. It still relibably BUGS.

energyman76b 11-12-06 06:36 PM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
have you tried 9742?

ckolivas 11-13-06 03:17 PM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and that driver tells me my GPU is now legacy hardware and no longer supported. It seems to have been made legacy since the earlier 9629 driver, so once again I'm screwed.

energyman76b 11-13-06 03:41 PM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
well, there will be a new legacy driver series, so the bug might be fixed.

Your hang, does it occur with beryl/compiz or with a 'normal' wm?

ckolivas 11-13-06 05:27 PM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
Ah that's reassuring, thanks for your response. It happens with kde, but will happen even with a bare X. I reported the bug via email as well and just received confirmation that "Bug 267284 is open for this issue." so there is hope :o

Oh does anyone know where I can view that bug report tracking... ?

ckolivas 11-14-06 12:29 AM

Re: BUG with every VT switch
To answer my own question with the official email response:

I'm afraid that NVIDIA bugs are not publicly visible. You can always
request a status update by emailing linux-bugs@nvidia.com.

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