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RJD101 11-11-06 05:12 PM

X-Server Crashes When 9629 is installed
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These issues began to happen immediately after I updated to the latest Vanilla kernel, 2.6.18-2835 AND to a recently compiled custom kernel which is identical to the vanilla one.

1) It begins when I first install the 9629 driver, and then shutdown. Upon a cold start, that's when the X-server boots into init 3 mode, instead of initiating an X-server startup.

2) The only workaround is when it boots into command line mode, I type "init 3; init 5" then the X-server exhibits the NVIDIA splashscreen, and all is well after that.

3) I've managed to edit and re-edit Xorg.conf to no avail. Even so much as to re-install the driver. But no matter what I do, the X-server will NOT perform a clean boot up on a cold start. Hopefully, this nagging issue can be solved :(

Edit: The KMOD NVIDIA solution from Livna works fine. I may have to revert to the stock kernel and re-install the KMOD drivers again if there is no solution to these issues.

netllama 11-11-06 06:30 PM

Re: X-Server Crashes When 9629 is installed
All of what you described here is an FC6 issue, and is not an nvidia driver bug.

RJD101 11-11-06 08:02 PM

Re: X-Server Crashes When 9629 is installed

OK then, I can just as well revert to the open source driver; go back to FC5; or re-install the in-the-box FC6 kernel and yum the kmod-nvidia drivers.

No real biggie :)

Thanks for your help though :)

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