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jacopastorius33 11-12-06 06:07 AM

OpenGL seg fault after cpu upgrade
This is really tricky...
I have done a cpu upgrade from a Celereon Coppermine 700 Mhz to a Pentium 3 933Mhz.
After that upgrade all OpenGL applications give a segmentation fault.
Maybe something I miss? Someting that need to be configured after a cup upgrade....

some spec
kernel 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3

Nvidia driver 9629

Motherboard Qdi ADvance 10b with Via Apollo Pro 133

Some hints anyone?

jacopastorius33 11-12-06 03:46 PM

Re: OpenGL seg fault after cpu upgrade
.. Also another thing I notice is that while with the Celeron 700Mhz I could use agp acceleration, it seems that switching to a pentium 3 gives a hard freeze of the pc after 2 minute: keyboard & mouse halts and the system does not reply to a network ping, the only possible thing is to press power down buttons.
This happens enabling agpgart or nvagp in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.
Disabling (parameters "NvAGp" = 0) allow the computer to work, apart for the segmentation fault with opengl applications...
Maybe this is related with nvidia graphics driver? Or maybe it is kernel related? Any idea, someone?

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