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Tuxie 11-12-06 03:20 PM

any XEN patches for 9742?
Has anyone made 9742 work with XEN? I'm running Fedora Core 6 and I have a little dilemma :)

If I use 9629 I can't enable AddARGBGLXVisuals and TV-out at the same time so I can't use beryl/compiz if I want TV-out.

If I use 9742 I can use beryl (but compiz segfaults) with AddARGBGLXVisuals and TV-out at the same time, but then I can't use XEN instead :(

9629 with the patch posted on this list works fine on XEN except for the non-XEN-related bugs. It applies with some fuzziness to 9742 but fail to compile. The non-patched 9742 compiles but create a kernel panic on modprobe.

Is there a chance that we'll see XEN patches for 9742, or a XEN supported later 97xx anytime soon?

Thanks in advance.

Penguinfan 11-15-06 03:18 AM

Re: any XEN patches for 9742?
I just now compiled and installed with patch-nv-1.0-9625-xen.txt on the 9742 beta.
I'm not sure if all the bits are working properly but I'm Mozillaing under it now.

The 9625-xenrt patch also applies cleanly although I haven't compiled and run it.

I'm running a Fedora 6 standard xen kernel.

EDIT: All seems to be working properly. Compiz is very pretty, but entirely incompatible with my City of Villains - such is life :)

The two patches (thanks to JaXXoN) I've mentioned above are at:

Others may work as well - they just happened to be the ones I had on hand at the time, and since it's working I'm going to leave them be.

drizzt81 01-14-07 07:47 PM

Re: any XEN patches for 9742?
I tried this on my previously snafu'd 2.6.18..xen kernel and it installed and ran xwindows. However I am getting a large amount of graphics corruption making it unusable.

ps.: this was on Suse 10.2, Geforce 7300

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