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XPS 11-12-06 04:29 PM

Beta drivers 1.0-9742 results in screencorruption ??
Today I updated my beta drivers to the latest 1.0-9742 in suse 10.1 for my nvidia card GForce Go 7900 GTX.

I had the previous one which worked very well. The only thing I noticed on this new ones are a new splash screen when X starts and they seem to perform better then the old ones, but....

When I'm working in KDE or Gnome, there is nothing wrong up to the point where I switch to one of my terminal screens with CTRL-ALT-F1 to do some "textual linux business". So far, no issue. But when I go back to X with CTRL-ALT-F7 my whole desktop is screwed up (my desktop picture becomes a picasso full of colors except the actual picture, sometimes my screen is split in several repeating pieces and so on...)

The only solution is to restart the X server with CTRL-ALT-Backspace.

This is very annoying because I often go to a terminal screen.

Anyone else seen this or knows a workaround ? Some option to put in the xorg.conf device config ??


netllama 11-12-06 04:37 PM

Re: Beta drivers 1.0-9742 results in screencorruption ??
Which previous driver were you using where this problem was not present? Please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log while this problem is present.


XPS 11-12-06 05:13 PM

Re: Beta drivers 1.0-9742 results in screencorruption ??
The previous release was 9625 I think, the one that was released on 12 september 2006.

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