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Marco Mans 11-13-06 08:11 AM

Black screen after power save
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I'm running Suse 10.1 with NVidia driver x86-1.0-9629 on a Toshiba
Tecra S3 Laptop. Since running the NVidia drivers (for about one year
now) I got a problem after the monitor went into power save mode.
The screens keeps black. The only way to resolve this is to switch into
text mode (CTRL-ALT-F1) and switch back to X mode (CTRL-ALT-F7).

After switching to text mode the screen keeps black... The screen is
back after I switch into X mode again!

I attached a bug report!

Thanks in advanced!!!

Marco Mans

marchetto 11-13-06 12:41 PM

Re: Black screen after power save
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I had the same... they told me there was no solution.
On this PC happens even while rebooting or shooting down the PC...

It happens when you change from X to bash vga-mode.

Marco Mans 11-21-06 04:37 AM

Re: Black screen after power save
Hi again!

I think it's very strange that there is no sollution for this problem....
On Windows XP I had no problems. On linux with the nv driver this
problem also does not exist... :thumbdwn:

I think it's not good to ignore this kind of problems. When a new
linux user, comming from windows, sees a black screen and does
not know he has to press CTRL-ALT-F1/F7 he will probably switch
back to windows. You can develop a excellent driver with lots of
features and stuff, but if the simple things do not work, the driver
is worthless and users will drop it!

So I hope that there will be an bugfix soon to solve this and make
my linux-laptop more workable!

Marco Mans

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