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coec 11-15-06 07:36 AM

SLI and dual head
Hey all

We have Quadro FX4500 and FX5500 cards in RHEL3. I've read that if you turn on SLI then you lose dual head capability. Is this correct? If so, are there plans to 'fix' this?


netllama 11-15-06 10:58 AM

Re: SLI and dual head
SLI supports a single display device. There are no plans to change this behavior. If you wish to use multiple display devices, your choices are Xinerama and/or Twinview.


je_fro 09-02-10 04:34 PM

Re: SLI and dual head
I've bought twin 460's and dual monitors is working in windows. I hope they get dual-head working with xorg soon.

Deanjo 09-02-10 10:11 PM

Re: SLI and dual head
lol, talk about bringing a thread back from the dead.

je_fro 09-03-10 12:15 AM

Re: SLI and dual head
Heh, yeah but it's just as important now as it was back then :)

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