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ir0nman1 11-15-06 06:01 PM

login screen scrambled/frozen
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When I boot up Fedora Core 6, I often get a scrambled and frozen screen at the graphical screen where you can click "show details" and watch the progress of the startup (right after 'udev' loads).

If i reboot a bunch of times, eventually everything will start up correctly and I will see the nvidia logo flash before the graphical startup screen. It seems like sometimes the nvidia drivers aren't loading when they should and sometimes they are. I've already updated my drivers and edited my xorg.conf according to

Since I cannot start linux after it freezes I can only generate the bug report when i reboot until it finally works, so I don't know if the bug report still helps.

netllama 11-15-06 06:36 PM

Re: login screen scrambled/frozen
I'm not sure that I fully understand the problem you're reporting. Are you saying that during the boot process you experience corruption and an OS hang, but its sporadic?
If you remove 'rhgb' from grub.conf, does that have any impact?


ir0nman1 11-15-06 08:11 PM

Re: login screen scrambled/frozen
Sorry, I thought it might be hard to understand, and I'm having a hard time explaining it. But I think you got the idea, when fc6 boots, and the loading/services screen shows up, it is corrupted and frozen, although I can move the mouse, and I have to reboot. Sometimes after rebooting it works and sometimes it does not, that is the weird part. The one noticeable difference between when it works and doesn't is that when it does work I always see a nvidia logo flash before the loading/services screen where it usually freezes.
Perhaps a picture of the screen might help explain?

I'll try your suggestion and get back.

ir0nman1 11-15-06 09:07 PM

Re: login screen scrambled/frozen
hey, problem solved! So I guess taking out rhgb just turns off the graphical boot screen altogether which has fixed the freezing up problem. I lose the graphical startup, but go straight to the graphical login afterwards. The nvidia drivers seem to load everytime now. That's fine by me.

Thanks netllama

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