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t_z 11-16-06 12:58 AM

nForce Professional 3400 MCP
[re-posting in correct forum]

Does anyone know the status of Linux support for the nForce Pro 3400 MCP? My web search attempts turned up very little.

I assume the only requirement is updated sata_nv and forcedeth drivers. Have the necessary patches been accepted into the mainline kernel? If so, which version?

Also, are any of the advanced features of the nForce Professional series MCP, such as TCP/IP Accel. and LBFO, supported in the Linux drivers?


aesaeion 11-16-06 06:25 PM

Re: nForce Professional 3400 MCP
My best guess is that it works. I just got a board that has the 3600 MCP and 3050 MCP on it and it is working just fine under linux. I don't know about tcp/ip acceleration etc but the network itself seems to be working just fine.

I install kubuntu 6.10 and the drivers it has for sata_nv and forcedeth work fine.

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