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Amaranth 11-16-06 03:33 PM

Complete X lockup when running beryl/compiz
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When I'm running beryl or compiz on the 9629 driver I (randomly, usually infrequently) get what appears to be a complete system lockup. I can move the mouse but can't click on anything, caps lock and num lock don't work, and ctrl-sysrq-k/r do nothing.

I finally managed to have this happen when I was around another machine and managed to ssh into the locked system. Killing X and reloading the nvidia kernel module seems to fix things. I've got a nvidia-bug-report.log file that I'm attaching.

Note: I have not seen this problem when running metacity but since it happens so rarely it might just be coincidence.

whig 11-16-06 04:16 PM

Re: Complete X lockup when running beryl/compiz
Don't load the dri X module with nvidia drivers. Besides, you are running development versions of various software so expect the odd problem. If too much revert to the latest stable.

Amaranth 11-16-06 04:20 PM

Re: Complete X lockup when running beryl/compiz
This happened with the final release of Ubuntu 6.10 with the 9625, 9626, and 9629 drivers. It has nothing to do with my using the development version of ubuntu.

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