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ohadidan 11-16-06 09:45 PM

xserver crashes when going full screen
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I have an XFX Nvidia GeForce 6200 with drivers properly installed on Ubuntu Edgy Eft.
Everything worked perfectly until a few days ago. now everytime a program tries to go full screen- games or prorgams (last thing i tried was stellarium), i get a black screen, sometime i can see a cursur blink on my top left corner and then the monitor goes off. I hear the ubuntu drums and that's it. the computer is dead.
I can still switch to other VTs, which are operable, but VT7 is black screen.
I tried removing and re-installing the nvidia drivers but it did not help.
until now, i could not do a thing about it. not even ctrl-alt-bkspc. but now suddenly i can. so the server restarts and i don't have to go to another VT and reboot the whole system.... so, at least that, but i still cant run full screen apps.
I hope that i'm asking this question at the right forum. Icannot think of any other info at the moment, but i will provide anything i can to help you help me.
Attached is my Nvidia-bug-report log file.

Thanks for helping.

ohadidan 11-18-06 09:39 AM

Re: xserver crashes when going full screen
I see many people have viewed my post, but nobody replies.
I have tried to use the NV driver instead of hte NVidia.
It worked. Meaning - when i loaded the game full screen the server didn't crash.
I think its a safe assumption to make that the problem is somewhere with the nvidia driver.

any suggestions?

netllama 11-18-06 11:27 AM

Re: xserver crashes when going full screen
This is a known bug in 1.0-9629 which is triggered when performing a specific type of mode change while using a DFP. It will be resolved in the next driver release. The current workarounds are to either perform the mode change manually with xrandr or downgrade to an older driver.

Note this has been discussed already in several older thread on this forum.


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