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poptart 08-16-02 10:27 PM

Mandrake and Geforce4 Users Unite!
this is sort of a call to anyone who has a geforce4 card (i've got a ti4200) and is trying to run mandrake 8.2

so, if you've gotten these to work together, how'd you do it? if you haven't got them working together, what do you need help with?

i've tried everythign i can think of with mine, and screwed my XF86Config-4 file all to heck... i'm thinking i'm gonna start from scrath once more before i try a different distro.

once i personally get a new concrete problem ,i'll post it here :)

Matt, poptart

Rob C. 08-17-02 04:13 PM

Did you try the Redhat RPM faq? Mandrake used to be based on RH and is still pretty similiar. :D

am2020 08-18-02 11:31 AM

Possible solution
OK, I hope this solevs your problem, but you will need to have a standard XF86COnfig-4 file. I fou need one I can send you mine.

Mandrake is a great distribution, but I have encountered one anoying problem in 8.2 related to nvidia geforce4. Hopefull they will fix it in 9.0.

Anyway, the problem is this: there is a link called "X" in /usr/X11R6/bin that points to XF86_FBDev. This is wrong!!!! This caused my system to keep loading the standard vga drivers. To fix it remove the link by typing "rm X" (as root), and recreate it to point to XFree86 by typing (as root) "ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 X". All of this has to be typed from the /usr/X11R6/bin directory.

There's another X link in /etc/X11/ that also points to the wrong thing.

Try that and let me know.


Thunderbird 08-18-02 02:42 PM

hmm, XF86_FBdev that means mandrake is still shipping their distro's with a xfree86 3.3x / 4.x mix :(

Or that might only be the case on 9.x beta. This can really cause troubles. Don't think all those 8.2 people have that problem.

am2020 08-18-02 03:51 PM

Yes, that is my situation. In any event, I hope some of them fix their trouble, since Mandrake is a very fine distribution, and I will hate to see people discount it based on one (very annoying) quirk.

Soul-Crusher 08-19-02 02:01 AM

I had problems because Mandrake kernels have gzipped modules and I could never get a normal kernel module to work the same way. So I always end up recompiling a new kernel for my Mandrake distributions.

I also use the tarballs instead of RPMs, but I don't think that's more just a matter of preference.

am2020 08-25-02 03:36 PM

I think I figure this Mandrake 8.2 / NVidia thing!

It is due to the fact that MAndrake will install XFree 3.3 if your
graphics card was not detected as having an XFree 4 driver
(this will happen to us GF4 users). The thing to do is to get it to
install Xfree 4 for another graphics card, without "testing" the
card. I used "xdrakconf ", selcted plain "GeFOrce" graphics card, pressed Advanced Mode, and selected Xfree 4. THen, without testing, logout of X into console mode and install the NVIdia RPMs.
This time they will find all the required XFree components and links. ANd the X link to XFFB_dev should dissapear.

soomon 08-25-02 04:15 PM

I have the Mandrake 9.0 Beta 4 now and the Geforce 4 is now in the list of the Video cards. But Madrake detects a GF3 :-(
My problem ist the kernel installation.
I downloaded the rpm's and if I trie to install the kernel, following message appears:
can't initialize the NVdriver kernel module.
insmod also returns: no module found.
The only working configuration (for me) is vesa and 640x480 with
8 bit color depth. hm.. not good.
XFdrake 2 detects my card properly but I can't change the resolution.
I have a Geforce4 Ti4200
please halp me!

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