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fozner 11-17-06 07:18 AM

Remote Tuxracer resets X
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I found a funny little bug. It's not critical and I can live with it but I just thought maybe you would find it amusing. I sometimes `ssh -X` to my Fedora Core 3 server machine just for fun and, in that terminal I can launch X applications remotely, including OpenGL applications, such as glxgears, and they appear on my client screen. But if I type `tuxracer`, my X client on the machine I am sitting at immediately restarts just as if I had pressed [ctrl][alt][backspace]. :captnkill:

Seems like this is a driver problem because X is totally stable otherwise. I have not found any other applications that do this, including other Linux OpenGL apps (and I even run DirectX apps remotely via ssh and wine!). No real problems with my systems. I'm running Twinview and compiz, Fedora Core 6 x86_64, 96.29 on my development box. If you want more info, it's in the log:

Oh, and if it makes a difference, my Fedora Core 3 server has no monitor attached. (It is using an old ati radeon 7200 because it won't boot without a video card.)

netllama 11-17-06 02:11 PM

Re: Remote Tuxracer resets X
This is a known bug in 1.0-9629 which is triggered by a specific type of mode change while using a DFP. It should not have anything to do with running over ssh though. The current workarounds are to either downgrade the driver, or use xrandr to change to the mode you need. This bug will be resolved in the next driver release.


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