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GGtheMaD 11-18-06 08:09 AM

9629 and font rendering in Konqueror
I've installed new driver 9629 on my laptop Toshiba M30-801 (GeForce FX Go5200) but I have a problem with font rendering in Konqueror...
I link two snapshots:

with driver 8774:


..and with driver 9629:


You see in snapshot with 9629 like fonts are more larger than in snapshot with 8774 and they are deformed.
I don't have problems in other browser, like Firefox, the only problem is in rendering of web pages in Konqueror, not in KDE, not in GTK applications, etc, is this a problem with KHTML?

I don't know, I've tried to change font setting in Konqueror, but without result... :(

Any ideas?

piotrq__ 11-18-06 09:04 AM

Re: 9629 and font rendering in Konqueror
Try adding Option "DPI" "96x96" (or smaller/larger, depends what you need) in "Device" section of your xorg.conf.
You can also use the "Force DPI" option in KControl's Fonts module if you have a recent version of KDE.

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