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hokiehoo 11-18-06 09:06 AM

Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400
Running Etch Net Install on ASUS P3BF PIII800. Tried the net install first with the MX400 and would get blank screen. Reformatted and did the install with my 3DFX Voodoo and all is well. When I try to boot etch with the mx400, video drops at the grub screen. I can blindly proceed, but I never get a screen. I try to guess when I might be at a login screen, but get nothing. I swap back in the voodoo and all is well. Tried loading nvidia drivers with voodoo in and the switch, doesn't work. System is tri boot and the nvidia card works fine with the 98 and xp installs. Nvidia card also works fine with knoppix live cd.

What can I do to get any text video so I can load nvidia drivers? I've been fighting this for months. Searches show lots of x blank screen problems, but I cannot find another one like this where blank screen is everything after POST.

hokiehoo 11-20-06 08:44 AM

Re: Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400
Someone must have a recommendation

hokiehoo 11-25-06 07:03 PM

Re: Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400
Help, this is frustrating. Any additional information I should post? Sounds like I need to be able to change the video mode of grub, but how?

HankNV 11-25-06 09:08 PM

Re: Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400
Hi Hokie:

This is HankNV--better known as HangNV by the friendly NVIDIA Developer Zander, pander, dander, or something like that. I guess he's a developer. Good thing he's not a diplomat.:D

But yeah, the Voodoo 3dFX works like a charm. It's just slower than the MX400--even when the AGP is disabled. Of course, all the voodoo cards run no faster than AGP 1X anyway. I'm running the same card on a SuperMicro Dual CPU board and I have to disable the AGP to get it to run without going into a black screen.

If you can get to a terminal, I would try (this is just a suggestion and not a fully qualified developer's comment) changing the agp setting so it's disabled.

Option "NvAGP" "0"

That's the only way I got mine to work.

I gave up trying to get the AGP to work after NetLlama suggested that it was a kernel related AGP bug and had nothing to do with the driver. Actually, I haven't given up yet. I'm trying to go backwards and find a working 2.4 kernel that will take advantage of the AGP setting. This card really flies when everything's working. I used to have it working about a year ago. Should have left it alone.


hokiehoo 11-26-06 07:11 PM

Re: Black after POST, cannot see GRUB GF2MX400
Thanks for the info. I have been unable to get to a terminal screen. I think it completes the boot process, but I cannot tell. I guess I could try, then swith back to the voodoo and check a log? I'll give this a try.

If the other OS would work well with the voodoo, I would not worry about it, but since 3DFX went belly up, nobody supports them much for the MS market.

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