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Abdo375 11-18-06 11:26 AM

nVIDIA Beta Drivers
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When I try to install the latest nvidia beta driver it says can't compile kernel,
the previous beta driver was working fine but now I don't have any of them.

netllama 11-18-06 11:35 AM

Re: nVIDIA Beta Drivers
This is a known bug. You'll need to change the /bin/sh symlink so that it points to /bin/bash instead of /bin/nash.


Abdo375 11-18-06 11:37 AM

Re: nVIDIA Beta Drivers
Could you plz tell me how to do that ?

Cambo 11-18-06 11:41 AM

Re: nVIDIA Beta Drivers
One way to get around this might be to try typing 'bash ./NVIDIA-blahblahblah.run'


PS. Please change 'blahblahblah' to a more appropriate string ;-)

Abdo375 11-18-06 11:46 AM

Re: nVIDIA Beta Drivers
tried it didn't work

piotrq__ 11-18-06 02:06 PM

Re: nVIDIA Beta Drivers
Type the following command as root:
ln -sf /bin/bash /bin/sh
And then run the installer again. Should work :-)

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