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mourronic 11-19-06 08:10 AM

So, I've read numerous posts regarding connecting an HDTV to a video card via DVI-to-HDMI, but never HDMI-to-HDMI. I purchased an ASUS EN7600GT card with HDMI output, before I knew that DVI would work just as well (without audio over the cable).

So, my problem? I can connect the TV (A 42" Toshiba LCD) to the hdmi output of the computer and the console screen boots up. After a week of tweaking, X would never resolve a proper modeline or if it did, the screen would go black.

Using the SAME modelines (the standard ATSC 720p/1080i) with the DVI output to the HDMI input via converter, the screen shows up beautifully. But as soon as I have a good image, and try switching to HDMI output, X is just a black screen.

I've tried all the versions of the nvidia-drivers available (consequently, the 87XX versions work fine, but the newer 96XX versions dont work with the same xorg.conf.) The system is a Core 2 Duo, 2GB, with the latest Gentoo. I can post my xorg.conf, but thats not really the problem, is it? Any ideas? Thanks!

Cambo 11-19-06 08:16 AM

Re: HDMI Output ASUS EN7600GT
Probably worth booting with the screen attached via HDMI, and running the 'nvidia-bug-report.sh' script. The nvidia-bug-report.log may have some useful pointers in it for someone to figure out what is happening.


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