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Kalinda 11-19-06 09:05 PM

Video aspect ratios stretched: beta driver
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Alright, I don't think anyone else has had my problem, as I searched the forum and have heard nothing about it. This is probably because the driver is in beta.. but I thought I'd ask anyway, as I would love to use Beryl without XGL.

Attached are DVD screenshots. Basically, all videos are stretched with the beta driver running, so they look all wrong. It's really awful with something like The Matrix, for example, since it's pretty wiiiide.. but these screens show it well enough. Obviously, the _weird one is how it isn't supposed to look. My xorg.conf is also included :)

Another interesting thing is that Kaffeine, when it takes screenshots, doesn't seem to notice there's something wrong. It'll take a cap in the video/DVD's proper size, not the weird stretched one. I had to use KSnapShot just to get the weird screenshot. Most odd.

So is there something I should change in my xorg.conf? It looks like no one else is having this issue, so I'm glad the nVidia guys will see this.

I've had no other display issues, it only shows up in video playback, no matter what player I use.

I'm using Kubuntu Edgy (6.10) and I have an nVidia GeForce 5200 FX, by the way. It also must have something to do with either my config or my card because I installed the driver on the my laptop and it didn't mess anything up; it just made the colours better ^_^


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