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klnv 11-21-06 08:42 AM

Legacy driver does not work/install on recent Linux distros
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Hi everyone!

I have an Inno3D Geforce2 Ti (AGP) video card. The latest legacy releases (7174-7184) used to work like a charm on all major distros (Mandriva 2006, SUSE 9.3 etc.)

Under SUSE 10.0 and later, Mandriva 2007 and FC6 I am running into problems.

M2007: the driver apparently installs correctly, I get the NVIDIA splash screen, everything seems to work fine but when I start any 3D-accelerated game I am getting an error message. A Wolfenstein Singleplayer demo output is attached. Apparently a GLX or OpenGL thing but I am clueless on it.

SUSE: the driver does not even install. I tried the workaround described here but no joy. I posted some logs that may be useful.

I understand the legacy releases do not support the newer kernels in recent distros. Does anyone know if NVIDIA are planning to release an updated legacy driver anytime soon? After all these drivers are supposed to work without patching and tweaking, very much like they did under older distros...

Please also note that I am relatively new to Linux, though not a complete newbie either.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

reddins 01-16-07 09:19 AM

Re: Legacy driver does not work/install on recent Linux distros
I've only been able to make this work using the link provided below by adding the livna repository to yum and update per the instructions listed in the link given. Nothing I tried in this forum worked. As a side note, I also noticed how poorly the Fedora 6 installer upgrades from Fedora 5. I had to update KDE in text mode using yum before I could get to the desktop, after upgrading the nvidia drivers from livna of course. Good luck!

livna Nvidia drivers, install help, etc.

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