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volt 08-16-02 10:49 PM

Quakecon Doom III footage
no links till it's real :)

nin_fragile14 08-16-02 11:01 PM

thanks, gonna try downloading now. how's the quality this time?

volt 08-16-02 11:04 PM

Bad angle...but you can see the gameplay :)
Hey, maybe JC will come and comment on that haha, that'd rock :D

nin_fragile14 08-16-02 11:09 PM

I got the video from the second source, and it's the same length and size as the old e3 one. :confused:

volt 08-16-02 11:30 PM

I don't remember the e3 one that well, but im sure it's different.

nin_fragile14 08-17-02 12:04 AM


Originally posted by ALien8ed
Ye this is exactly the same footage as was shown at e3.. basically the same quality aswell although the colour at times is abit better.
I think it's the EXACT same video. Same length, and same size, down to the byte. (And HardOCP said additional footage was added, making it about 15 minutes instead of 10. This one is 10.) I even opened both side by side and saw no difference. Maybe a new one will be released in a few days.

volt 08-17-02 12:06 AM

Man, i've heard people saying it's from quakecon, what a crock...sorry guys. Btw, I'm taking the links out
and will reopen when the real footage is out ;/

monkeydust 08-17-02 12:11 AM

Yeah, I saw this posted on a few sites. I wish that people would actually investigate it a bit before they blindly post stuff saying that it was a new video. I'd really like to see a high quality version of the new video (with the added footage).

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