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redflo 11-21-06 05:34 PM

9629 segfaults
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just switched from 8776 to 9629 because 8776 had clipping errors in Unreal Tournament (ut goty). But with 9629 i get a segmentation fault with ut, glxgears and glxinfo.

A bugreport is attached.

interzoneuk 11-22-06 06:47 AM

Re: 9629 segfaults

What card are you running ?

I get the same thing with geforce 4200 ti.

This driver doesn't work with NV20 cards (it was supposed to - if you read the README it says supported)

If you read posts on this forum netlama (i think) says that issue will be fixed in next release, the best thing to do is either downgrade to previous latest stable driver (1.0-8776) or the previous beta (1.0-9626)

- Both of these work fine
- reading other posts regarding this it not that bad that it doesn't work there seems to be many issues with it.

Hope this helps.


redflo 11-22-06 07:02 AM

Re: 9629 segfaults
Yes, i use a 4200Ti. I wanted to upgrade because of the clipping errors. Do you have heard about these clipping issues in ut goty?

interzoneuk 11-24-06 08:39 AM

Re: 9629 segfaults
Hi dude.

No i haven't sorry.

I am using the 1.0-8776 driver on my main gentoo system - every games works fines (doom3,quake4, et ,etc)


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