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MonkFish 11-21-06 06:35 PM

Beryl/Twinview/weird virtual screen effects
I've got the latest nVidia drivers et al, using the portage Beryl bits and pieces. Everything was ace up to a recent update, which catalysed some difficulties (with EDID oddness). I 'fixed' those issues, and can now start Beryl within KDE.

Over my two DFP monitors, previously, the spinning cube spanned, well, both monitors, as you would expect. 3200x1200 of spinning lovliness. This time, however, I have *two* spinning cubes, each on its own monitor. Also, I notice that OpenGL games - for example Enemy Territory, now start up on the 'wrong' monitor.

Another curious artifact is that windows seem to be quickly 'flipped' when changing virtual desktops. In other words, assume that KMail is on the left monitor and Konqueror on the right. Flip to another virtual desktop with SHIFT-CTRL, then flip back. Upon flipping back, for a brief moment, Konqueror is on the left monitor and KMail on the right, before normal order is restored in a visual flurry.

Anyone with any hints or tips?


ckc76 11-21-06 06:46 PM

Re: Beryl/Twinview/weird virtual screen effects
It's not a bug, it's a feature.
Sadly but true, this is the behavior of beryl 0.1.2. If you don't like this realy stupid behavior (which in my opinion is totally inconsitent) you got 3 choices:
1) Wait for beryl 0.1.3. There you will get back a single cube.
2) Until then you can downgrade to 0.1.1 or ...
3) take the latest svn version which will already give you back the cube.

MonkFish 11-21-06 07:02 PM

Re: Beryl/Twinview/weird virtual screen effects

Who's brilliant idea was this? And why?

jeisom 11-22-06 03:09 AM

Re: Beryl/Twinview/weird virtual screen effects
The latest cvs allow switching the cube from 1 big cude to 2 screen
cubes. Use beryl settings to change

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