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Haroq 11-22-06 12:59 AM

Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
Since i had troubles installing the zalman 9500 backplate on my evga 680i (broke a capacitor :( ), i'm going to stick with my stock fan until i get a better cooling solution. So my question is how much can i overclock my e6700 with the stock fan?

P.S: I've been thinking of getting Coolit Freezone but i wanted to know if the installation will require a backplate to be installed or not?

Blacklash 11-22-06 03:05 AM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
Sorry for your troubles. I know you must be very disappointed.

Why on earth would they put caps back there?

They have to expect enthusiasts to use aftermarket HSF, many of which use backplates in that precise area.

Many stock CD2 go up to 3.2GHz with no voltage increase. I am not sure the stock fan can handle it though. That will depend on the air flow in your case and your temps under load, I'd probably try 3.0-3.2GHz.

If you want to be "safe" and your chip doesn't need extra volts to do X6800 speed, I'd just sit on that until you figure what aftermarket cooling you are going to go with.

If you want to stay with air I know the Scythe Infinity and Mine do not use or need a backplate. They secure much like the stock HSF.



Note: I am not sure either of the above HSF would work on the Evga 680i. I only know they do not require backplates. I am asking around to see if I can get an answer.

EDIT: This fellow got the Infinity to mount and he said he did a mod on it to ensure it would clear the caps. Look at the pics in post 7 and 8. You could probably PM him if needed for specifics:


Here are the caps I'd be concerned about from said post:


Blacklash 11-22-06 07:30 PM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
Updated Infinity info ^^

fatal1ty 11-23-06 12:02 AM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
I hate the Scythe coolers, they are just too big. I prefered the thermaltake Big Typhoon when I was using air..

john19055 11-23-06 10:11 PM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
I hate to hear you broke a cap off but it was'nt that much trouble to mod that back plate for the ZALMAN 9500 and it does make a big difference.I just put some white stuff on the caps and put the four screws in and mashed it against the back with just a little pressure ,just anough so it would show where I needed to mod at and took it off and drilled it out in those two spots and now it fits fine.

Haroq 11-24-06 12:59 AM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
I'm pretty sure i didn't apply much pressure when i tried to mount the backplate :(, i made room for 1 chip and while i was making room for the 2nd one it broke .. :(.

P.S: I heard that many are using the 9500 without the backplate on the 680i, should i do this too?

Lfctony 11-24-06 01:13 AM

Re: Overclocking e6700 with stock fan
I think the chip will remain quite cool even after overclocking, but try not to exceed 60C by a lot when under load. You should gain about 400-500mhz without temps becoming a problem, pretty decent since you are using the stock cooler. And don't mess with voltage right now, wait for your new cooler.

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