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speedemon105 11-23-06 10:37 AM

9629 resolution and refresh rate
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I've been trying to get this driver to work for awhile now but I keep getting the same problems. Im stuck in 1600x1200 (max), if I try a lower resolution, the screen is all out of whack (big black bar at the top, the desktop starts halfway down the screen, and the mouse isn't where it appears). And I can't get my refresh rates above 55 hz. (51 and 59 are available for 1280x1024, its normally 75). I've searched all over, and nothing I've found that helped other people has worked.

Right now I have [Option "UseEdidDpi" "false"] set to fix my font size. But "UseEDID" "false" won't fix my refresh rate problems.

Edit, while the display dialog tells me I have 50 hz selected at 1600x1200, my monitors menu is showing my refresh rate to be 65 hz

netllama 11-23-06 12:38 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
Its not clear to me specifically which mode & refresh rate you're trying to obtain. Please start X with the following command:
startx -- -logverbose 6

and then generate and attach a new bug report.


speedemon105 11-23-06 01:34 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
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On the desktop in KDE, I can't change my resolution from 1600x1200. Anything else is displayed improperly. I also can't select the refresh rates, none of the proper ones are listed. For 1600x1200 it lists 50 and 55. For 1280x1024 it lists 51 and 59. With the old driver it worked fine, and I had the desktop at 1280x1024@75Hz. Now when I run quake4 it works fine at different resolutions, and the refresh rate is proper.

This a snapshot of the desktop at 1280x1024

netllama 11-23-06 03:44 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
You didn't start X with the command I provided. Specifically which mode & refresh rate are you trying to use which isn't available now?

speedemon105 11-23-06 05:18 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
ANY resolution besides 1600x1200 is what I want. And to list the proper refresh rates for all the resolutions. I want my desktop back to 1280x1024@75Hz. I can't display ANY resolution on the desktop besides 1600x1200, it ends up like that picture.

And sorry I made a typo, heres the log

netllama 11-23-06 08:54 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
If you don't want 1600x1200, then you shouldn't request it as your first mode. If you want 1280x1024@75, then you need to request "1280x1024_75"

speedemon105 11-23-06 10:21 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
I don't want 1600x1200 on my desktop, but I still would like to be able to use it in games. If I take it out of the list, I can get my desktop to 1280x1024 fine. But then I can't get higher resolutions in games.

So basically Im SOL, and this driver release is crap then?

netllama 11-23-06 10:45 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
No. If you want to default to 1280x1024@75, then you need to list it first in your Modes list. This is an X requirement, and is unrelated to the nvidia driver. You'd see the same behavior with the nv & vesa X drivers, and with any other graphics card.

speedemon105 11-23-06 11:30 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
If I put 1600x1200 after 1280x1024, it won't display my resolution right, already tried it. Gives me the same problem as I had before trying to change the resolution.

netllama 11-23-06 11:46 PM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
Right, and that's not what I suggested. You could setup a virtual desktop that is 1600x1200 with the 1280x1024@75 mode, however, if your hardware isn't capable of 1600x1200@75, then that won't work either. I'm afraid that you're running up against X & hardware limitations, not driver bugs or limitations.

speedemon105 11-24-06 12:29 AM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
Then why does everything work fine with the 8776 drivers. No resolution problems, all the refresh rates are fine. I can leave 1600x1200 in there, and have kde apply 1280x1024 on startup. No problems with anything. With the 9629 drivers I can't change the desktop resolution from what X starts with. Thats all without touching the xorg.conf file. And why did I have to add "UseEdidDpi" "false" with the new drivers?

Lethe 11-24-06 12:46 AM

Re: 9629 resolution and refresh rate
KDE has a bug and shows the wrong refresh rate anyway:



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