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ericfenderson 11-23-06 11:35 AM

PIxel Shaders on Quadro NVS 120M?
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Hello everyone,

I've run into an interesting issue on a new Latitude D820. It has a Quadro NVS 120M (though it is detected as a GeForce Go 7400...). I'm using Cedega to play WoW.

If pixel shaders are enabled in Cedega, all 3D rendered areas of the screen show up black. Anything that's 2D (ie, text, map overlay, menu) displays correctly.

If I disable pixel shaders, everything displays correctly, but obviously I don't get to have all the cool effects.

I've tried drivers 9629, 9742, and 8776 - they all behave exactly the same. I've gone back to 8776 since it is the version that is packaged with Edgy Eft. The nvidia-bug-report.sh output is attached.

Any suggestions?

netllama 11-23-06 12:27 PM

Re: PIxel Shaders on Quadro NVS 120M?
This is a known cedega bug.

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