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Hunter32 02-28-03 05:49 PM

nv News
With the way things have been going with nVidia. Maybe nV News should become Ati News.net

DaveW 02-28-03 05:53 PM

More likely "GPU News" or something.

ricercar 02-28-03 06:10 PM

Yeah, right. No company is going out of business with $1 billion in revenues and millions in cash reserves. NVIDIA will go out of business the day after Apple does.

UDawg 02-28-03 06:20 PM

Wich is why we should bomb Iraq.

Nephilim 02-28-03 06:35 PM

'wich', like in sandwich?

or which, like in 'which one' or 'which is why we should bomb Iraq'?


Not trying to be an arsehole, it's just that misspelled words drive me crazy.

PsychoSy 02-28-03 09:07 PM


Originally posted by UDawg71
Wich is why we should bomb Iraq.
LOL :jumping:

Nebuchadnezzar 03-01-03 05:12 AM

Nothing will change. There still lot of 'dead' company forums around the net (S3, 3dfx, and so on, bah even Rageunderground)

vampireuk 03-01-03 06:46 AM

/moved to feedback:cool:

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