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zooounds 11-24-06 01:40 AM

TV-out - optimal resolution?
I have a Geforce 6150 with TV-out.

Si there any optimal resolution to get the best picture quality?

It seems like 1024x768 gives better picture than 800x600 but the TV-s native resolution is something more uneven if I remember right, ~ 700x600.

Is there any way to set this native resolution to improve picture quality?

Thunderbird 11-24-06 02:47 AM

Re: TV-out - optimal resolution?
The optimal resolution depends on the tv system in use. In case of NTSC it is about 640x480 while in case of PAL it is about 800x600 (most of the time 768x576 or 720x576 for DVD). The drivers might already do some downscaling in case of 800x600 on PAL to 768x576. So something close to that could result in a good image but there are also a number of other 'variables' that are important (television, cabling, ..).

I would use the mode you like the most. When you watch a movie (which is what in general tvout is used for) you don't really notice the difference.

zooounds 11-24-06 02:57 AM

Re: TV-out - optimal resolution?
Yes. The picture is good enough to watch movies.

But I also would like to do some basic surfing on my media computer.

I have a 100 Hz 32" Widescreen PAL TV (swedish, PAL-G i think).

Is there any good using a widescreen resolution?

pe1chl 11-24-06 03:35 AM

Re: TV-out - optimal resolution?
With widescreen I think it is not possible to get a screen-filling picture at the correct aspect ratio and a good quality at the same time.
You would want to have a 16:9 ratio to start with, and it should be sent to the TV as anamorphic widescreen. I don't think the TV encoders can do that.

So, you will either have to live with a distorted picture (which probably can be corrected in the movie player when you use that, but will be very visible on the normal desktop), or you have to configure a 4:3 picture and set the TV to show only the center part of that (with cut-off top and bottom areas). That will mean less available lines and less quality.

When you buy a new TV in the future, look for a flatpanel with both TV and PC inputs (VGA, DVI). Then you can use a two-output PC videocard without TV-out and you can exactly control the resolution and aspect ratio of the picture using a ModeLine.

Assuming your TV has a SCART RGB input, you can also get better quality and more control by using a VGA-to-SCART RGB converter box and use a VGA output on your videocard instead of the TV-out.

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