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tmack 11-24-06 01:54 AM

System Crash w/ 9742 Driver and 8800GTX
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I am the (semi)proud owner of a 8800GTX card from XFX.

Unfortunately, when I start X, the screen goes black and the computer becomes unresponsive from the keyboard and through SSH. I can still ping it, however.

I've tried using irqpoll, irq=poll and nofb when booting the kernel to no avail.
I'm using a a default config generated by nvidia-xconfig.


AMD X2 4400+
XFX 8800 GTX
Biostar 939 SLI Motherboard w/ Nvidia chipset
Dell 3007WFP 30" Flat Panel Monitor

The 8800GTX works fine in windows (where I am typing this from). Using the latest official release driver for that platform.

My last card, an XFX 7950 GX2, works fine with both Windows and Linux with the latest stable release driver.

I've seen another similar type of issue on this forum with an Apple Cinema 30" display, maybe this is related? I believe it's possible Dell and Apple get them from the same OEM manufacturer.

In any case, I am attaching the nvidia bug report, installer and my Xorg log.


Linuxsteven301 11-24-06 02:30 PM

Re: System Crash w/ 9742 Driver and 8800GTX

@tmack: there's a known problem that could result in the symptoms you describe; this problem should be resolved in the next driver release.

They know the bug and should be fix in next release SWEET!!!!

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