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StressCrash 02-28-03 10:49 PM

SUSE And Nvidia Drivers
Ok, from what i understand there is a significant amount of problems useing Nvidia drivers with SUSE, has anyone gotten it to work, and if so how, any storys will be appriciated.. maby this could also be stickied to the top .....

nonamenobody 03-01-03 03:24 AM

I have had no problems at all installing the nVIDIA drivers, I simply downloaded the drivers, switched to run level 3 (purely as a precaution), did an 'rpm -ivh NVIDIA-*rpm', followed by 'reboot'. DVD playback works fine, as do 3D games (both native and via winex). I am using SuSE 8.1 pro.

nonamenobody 03-01-03 03:31 AM

One thing I did manually add was 'Option "NvAGP" "3"', to 'Section "Device"'

StressCrash 03-01-03 01:31 PM

yea, im using 7.3... and when i do that everything dies, so im gonna sysupdate to 8.1 and try again

StressCrash 03-02-03 12:56 AM

i mangaged to get 3123 working with suse 7.3, but i had to turn my hsync down , and i can onyl run at 1280x960, as opposed to my usuall 1600x1200, im gonna give 4191 another shot tomm.

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