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Linuxsteven301 11-24-06 01:47 PM

8800GTX and linux

wheres the drivers?

zander 11-24-06 01:57 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux

tmack 11-24-06 02:05 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux
I hope you have better luck than I.

Mine just locks up the computer. :(

Linuxsteven301 11-24-06 02:06 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux
Thank you. :D

Going into new rig for:

Evga 680i
Intel E6600
1Gb ddr2 Cosair pc6400
Evga 8800GTX
Alpha pre9060
rest should be here by next week with a new psu to keep gtx happy!!!

tmack 11-24-06 02:10 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux

Here is my post about issues with the card, in case you have similar problems.

In Windows, this thing is unbelievably fast. I have cranked all my games 100% and no slowdowns.

zander 11-24-06 02:11 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux
@tmack: there's a known problem that could result in the symptoms you describe; this problem should be resolved in the next driver release.

tmack 11-24-06 02:12 PM

Re: 8800GTX and linux
Awesome, thanks! :)

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