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duhkha 11-25-06 06:23 AM

riva tnt2 on xubuntu?!?
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i'm trying to install some nvidia drivers for my riva tnt2 m64 on a xubuntu system kernel 2.6.17-10 in my old AMD K6. i've tried with drivers coming with xubuntu; nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-legacy... but X freezes without the possibility of log in. i've also tried to install legacy drivers from nvidia (the lastest one and 6629) but i can't install them, with -k (uname -r) --kernel-source-path=... but it says: Unable to build knernel module.
attched is my nvidia-installer.log
any idea how to solve this?

duhkha 11-28-06 06:24 AM

agp problems
Hello again!
i've finally installed the nvidia-legacy driver coming with xubuntu... the problem with the X server freezing was agp related: when i try to use agpgart it freezes, it only works without using agp : option "NVidiaAgp" "0"
Trying to use nvagp, it doesn't load 'couse it detects agpgart loaded... if i try disabling agpgart, the nvidia kernel module doesn't load and i can't use X...
How to solve all this?
How can i use agp?
Thank you very much!

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