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Afishionado1 11-25-06 06:35 PM

1.0-9629 + GeForce 4 no worky
My drivers went :barf:

I was goofing around with my box (always a bad idea) and reinstalled Debian Etch from scratch. I pulled in the nVidia driver 1.0-9629, and things went bad. X still starts fine, but OpenGL apps fail. OpenGL screensavers in KDE show up blank, crack-attack starts but won't launch new games, and glx-gears segfaults (!). I pulled the driver, and tried the legacy driver (1.0-7184), and it works fine, though it's clunky.

This is a GeForce 4--it shouldn't *need* the legacy driver, and in the past always worked fine with the most recent driver.

I'm running Debian/Etch with Xorg 7.1.0-7, and kernel 2.6.17-2-k7.

If someone could just point me at the right links to download a slightly older driver in the 9xxx or 8xxx series, I would be happy. OTOH, if there's any devs reading this, what additional information would I need to file a bug report on this? Alternatively, what retarded mistake could I be making here? :)


TPG 11-25-06 11:20 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
At least you could provide nvidia-bug-report.

Afishionado1 11-25-06 11:48 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
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(BTW, I suspect that I'm hitting the same problem as Don Clemente.)

fozner 11-26-06 03:19 AM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
Try to build the package from http://nvidia.com instead of pulling in your distro's binary. It told me my MX440 was "unsupported"

And < 1.0-96.26 will not build on kernel > 2.6.18, which means...

Fedora Core 6 and MX440 don't mix! :thumbdwn:

And before anyone tells me that the 1.0-96.29 distro binary "works" I will tell them that it's not supported and not to report any bugs with this card-driver-kernel combo. There are missing textures in games also, and some thread locking. The alternative, nvidia-legacy binary, fails to load GLX. The only current "bug-free" way I know of to use this card on Fedora 6 is by using the open-source "nv" driver, in all its indirect rendering glory. Enjoy!

Would this be a bad time to suggest open-sourcing GLX for these older cards?

Afishionado1 11-26-06 12:35 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
Kernel 2.6.17-2-k7, and nVidia driver 1.0-9629 from nVidia's website (Debian's nVidia packages suck and I know it). I never saw any messages about my card being unsupported.

/proc/driver/nvidia/warnings/README is empty.

netllama 11-26-06 12:51 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
The driver README is in /usr/share/doc/NVIDIA_GLX-1.0/README.txt

Afishionado1 11-26-06 01:24 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
*mumble* *grumble* I've ready the readme before...

Oh, looky, there's the link to the FTP site for the older drivers. D'oh, again. I'll go give some of those a shot.

ACK, I posted too soon. Those drivers are *really* old. Not what I'm looking for. :(

BTW, with 1.0-9629, my problem looks similar to "X starts for me, but OpenGL apps terminate immediately" entry under "Common Problems", but xdpyinfo shows that glx and nv-glx are both loaded. Hmm.

Anyway, thanks.

netllama 11-26-06 01:35 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
You have an NV2x GPU, which is impacted by a known bug which causes OpenGL applications to segfault in 1.0-9629. This bug will be resolved in the next driver release.

Afishionado1 11-26-06 02:06 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky

Is there a place I can download an earlier 9xxx/8xxx series driver not affected by this bug? I keep feeling that there must be an obvious link that I'm just not seeing. :(

Thanks a lot for your time.


zander 11-26-06 02:08 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
See http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_archive.html and/or ftp://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86.

Afishionado1 11-26-06 02:29 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
/me feels stupid right now.

On the bright side, /me has everything working now with 1.0-9626. The splash screen says "beta", but everything seems to work. Yay! (nana2)

(I should hang out here more. Nvnews has awesome smilies!)

Thanks a lot.


fozner 11-26-06 04:24 PM

Re: 1.0-9626 + GeForce 4 no worky
Thanks. I will try the 96.26 beta drivers as well. Anybody have a link to the hack to get it to compile on 2.6.18? If not, I'll try and paste one if I find it... :p

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