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nessus 03-01-03 07:51 AM

What's wrong?
(First of all, I'm sorry with my English because I'm not an English speaker)

I've installed nvidia drivers by rpm (the last ones I thought) on my Mandrake 9.0 system, and when I restart X, it shows the nvidia logo. I've read that's all, but after being waiting for a long time, nothing more appears, so I think something is wrong, because KDE doesn't start nor anything more than the nvidia logo. Is that really wrong or I have to wait longer?, I have to do something more that to edit Xfconfig-4 file?

Thank you all

SlaYMode 03-01-03 08:25 AM

post the file
can you post XF86Config and the logfile?

nessus 03-01-03 06:13 PM

My XF86Config-4 file
1 Attachment(s)
OK, here you are my XF86Config-4 file. I would like to say one thing about this file.
It's the nvidia original one but modified in order to add my monitor and something like these.

Here you are all my XFree86.0.log, but I think it has changed because after having the trouble with the nvidia logo, I removed the NVIDIA_GLX rpm and I changed the XF86Config-4 file because I need to start KDE, so if the log is overwritten every time that X starts, this log is perhaps different from the error one.

I have an ELSA ERAZOR III LT, but his chipset is a TNT2 M64, so nvidia drivers might work fine.

I've read that there is a way to put on a option to disable the nvidia logo splash screen when the X server is loaded. How do I could do that?

Thank you all

SlaYMode 03-03-03 08:07 AM

first, to disable the nvidia logo splash screen, go in the XF86Config-4 file and insert this line after the "BusID" in the graphic card section:
Option "NoLogo" "on"
I don't think this will help you, but a miracle can come sometimes :)

SlaYMode 03-03-03 01:56 PM

i think I have understood your problem:
At the end of your XF86Config-4 file there's the "ServerLayout" section; well, I think that there's an error in the line "screen", try to substitute it with this:
Screen 0 "screen1" 0 0
it should work.

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