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seeker 11-26-06 11:48 PM

PNY 6800GT
I'm considering buying a used video card, but questions arose that I didn't get a clear answer from the seller: The card originally came with an external power cord, which he doesn't have...would this just be a regular molex cord, which I wouldn't need with a direct connection with the PS? The card is AGP, so PCIe connectors isn't involved.

The second question is that the card has an integrated TV encoder. I'm accustomed to having a S-video connector, but I get the impression that the encoder is something more. Would it help or hurt my Hauppauge PVR150 TV tuner?

Does $110 shipped sound like a good price?

K-1 11-27-06 12:07 AM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I used to own a PNY 6800GT! I don't recall mine coming with an external power cord, but it did have extra molex connectors, so yea, you're correct, just hook it up right to your PS and you'll be fine.

I never used the TV encoding capabilites so can't help you much there, sorry. $110 shipped ain't bad at all, I sold mine for $175 back in January.

seeker 11-27-06 05:05 AM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I also learned that the card was originally purchased in 2004, thus is about 3 years old. The person is the second owner, which may be the reason that he didn't answer my question regarding overclocking. How long is reasonable to believe that it should remain functional?

Optimummind 11-27-06 03:19 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT

Originally Posted by seeker
I'm considering buying a used video card,

Would you be interested in buying my used AGP card? It's a BFG 6800GT OC that I have flashed to an Ultra the day I bought it back in July of 2004. For the past 2 years and 4 months, it has run reliably at Ultra speeds of 400/1100. I was intending to sell it on e-bay or [H] forums but I saw this post so I'm giving you an offer.

I'll throw in a few retail games with original boxes and keys. Those games are Half Life 2, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, and Doom 3. I'll also throw in the Danger Den NV40 copper waterblock with its original box and parts.

I'm asking for $200 with shipping included. If you happen to be interested, PM me.

seeker 11-27-06 04:08 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT
Thanks, but your a bit late. I just mailed a check a couple of hours ago.

EDIT: But, I am curious about the flashing aspect. Could I do that with a PNY 6800GT?

grey_1 11-27-06 04:33 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT

Originally Posted by seeker
Thanks, but your a bit late. I just mailed a check a couple of hours ago.

EDIT: But, I am curious about the flashing aspect. Could I do that with a PNY 6800GT?

Yes you can, but imho you would be better off just overclocking it. If the card you recieve doesn't respong to the higher clocks all that well it's just a matter of resetting to defaults, without the worries of a flash gone bad.

Good luck, 6800GT's a fine card.

seeker 11-27-06 06:02 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I hope that I feel the same, after I get it installed.

seeker 12-02-06 06:36 AM

Re: PNY 6800GT
Hopefully, my video card shall arrive on Monday, and I shall find out for myself. But, In order to prepare myself for a disappointment, like I have experienced with other upgrades, I'm wondering if the improvement which I'm hoping to see with this card is realistic.

After upgrading the processor from a 3500+ to a 4400+, I have not noticed any improvement in performance on routine functions. I'm not sure about gaming, because I haven't had the time for that lately. But in regular Windows functions and other programs, I feel that I have wasted my money on the processor. But, I got to thinking that the video card might be the reason for the slowness...thus the new card. The slowness is not of any major degree, but just enough to not be satisfied.

Is my expectation realistic, or am I just going to have to resign myself to this being normal?

K-1 12-02-06 01:05 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I think you'll be happy with the upgrade, the 6800 GT got me through HL2, Doom 3, and FEAR at medium/high settings with smooth framerates. Heck I'd probably still be using the card if I hadn't upgraded to PCI-E.

Also, I've used a 6600 GT in my system (during RMAs and such) and the 6800 GT noticably out performs that card, so going from a 6200 to a 6800 GT, yeah I think you'll like it :D.

seeker 12-05-06 09:43 PM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I got the new card installed tonight, and it seems fine. However, a question arose that has me confused. SpeedFan now show two new temperature readings...Local Temp and Remote Temp. Obviously, the timing indicates that these are from the card, but I'm surprised that there would be two readings, and the names do not make their identity certain. Can someone verify this for me?

seeker 12-06-06 07:23 AM

Re: PNY 6800GT
I did some Googling, and it appears that those temps have nothing to do with the video card. It's totally off topic from my OP, but maybe someone can make more sense out of this article than I can:


EDIT: When I uninstalled the card, for the reasons described below, the local and remote temp readings disappeared from SpeedFan, so obviously they did come from the card. Therefore, I would still like to understand them, just for future reference...if anyone can enlighten me?

seeker 12-10-06 07:06 AM

Re: PNY 6800GT
As it turned out, the card went south after it was installed a couple of days. When I awoke yesterday, the monitor was filled with a solid blizzard of snow. Rebooting did not solve the problem, because it would never reach desktop again, it just kept rebooting after the Windows logo screen. I then tried booting into another Windows OS and this time it did get to the desktop, but didn't finish loading before it rebooted.

I contacted the seller, asking to return it. At first he agreed, but I kept getting PMs the rest of the day, accusing me of destroying the card. At this point, having lost respect for his honesty, I have lost trust in him and figure that all that sending it back to him would do is to cost me more postage for nothing.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever sent a video card back to PNY, or any other manufacturer for a repair out of warranty? Should I expect a high cost? Would they guarantee anything?

Or should I call it quits and simply buy a new card?

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