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chapman21 11-27-06 12:37 PM

Graphics Card Upgrade
Hi. I currently have old PC with a ECS K7S5A motherboard with a GeForce4 MX440 64Mb plugged into the 4x AGP. I have been looking around at newer graphics cards but am unsure which would be compatible with such an old motherboard. I am only looking at buying a cheap card, around 256Mb, that will run Vista and support the Aero theme. I have come across a GeForce 6200 256Mb AGP card that seems to be ideal for me, the only thing is that this new card uses GDDR2 SDRAM and i do not know whether this is compatible with the AGP on my motherboard.

If anyone could help, or reccomend any other cheap/Aero compatible cards it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

Gentle 11-28-06 04:10 AM

Re: Graphics Card Upgrade
Just a note, the 6200 using GDDR2 ram has no effect on the AGP bus itself.

Ram is not likely the limiting factor but more likely it would be if your motherboard has the updated AGP bus specs on it.


chapman21 11-28-06 05:36 AM

Re: Graphics Card Upgrade
Thanks for your comment Gentle.

Is there any way I can find out if i have these updated specs?

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