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Baumi 11-28-06 06:33 AM

5200 FX TV-Out stopped working [SOLVED]
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I have a problem with the TV-Out on the 5200 FX. I'm running a Gentoo system with the 2.6.10 kernel, and until a few days ago the S-Video out (which connects to a PAL-B TV) worked well: I'd get the console output ont bootup in b/w, but it'd switch to color as soon as X would start.

This stopped working a couple of days ago without me changing anything (AFAIK): Now I'll just get a blank TV-out, or, occasionally, a completely distorted picture (think coloful wavy lines) for a few seconds. Neither X nor console output is displayed on the TV. If, however, I boot up with an LCD monitor connected to the VGA out, I'll get the console. (I didn't try setting up the correct values for X output in the conf, I just wanted to see if the card still worked at all.)

I tried upgrading to the latest stable nvidia-drivers release on Gentoo (1.0.8776), I changed all the cables between computer and TV, I even installed a new 5200 in place of the old. Nothing. VGA works fine, TV doesn't work at all, neither in console nor in X mode. (And yes, the TV works with other video sources.) Could this be motherboard-related? (I'm guessing not, since VGA output still works, but I'm no hardware expert.)

I'll attach the nvidia-debug-log generated with the new card. I'd be grateful if anyone had any ideas what else to try.



Edit: No idea what I did right, but after trying some more times with the new card, I suddenly got my TV-Out back (I even have a color console now... :) )


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