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eric239 03-01-03 07:01 PM

nForce resource conflicts

I know this question has been raised before, but I haven't been able to find any solution...
Any kind of advise will be appreciated.

Here's the problem: I have ABit NV7m motherboard with nForce chipset. That includes onboard LAN and onboard audio. The stuff works fine under different flavors of Windoze...

Now I've installed Debian 3.1 on that system. I've also compiled and installed 2.4.20 kernel (I always feel comfortable with the latest stable kernel ;) I also built latest (0248) nvnet module without any issues. I can bring eth0 interface up, but it doesn't see local network :( :( traceroute reports "Network unreachable" and arp shows "incomplete" information for the host on localnet I'm trying to ping.
I ran lspci -v and found out that LAN, Audio and USB all share IRQ 11 !!! There are no options in BIOS to explicitly assign those, and neither there are any "P&P OS Installed" kind of options.
However, when I simply disabled onboard Audio, LAN magically started to work... I'm really frustrated with nForce (I should've known better not to get into "integrated on-board" business, but...) I can live without sound for the time being, but it'd be nice to make it all work together. Any directions... please!


chrisbw 03-02-03 02:14 PM

Hi Eric

From the details you give here I assume that your fairly up on kernel options etc - sound, USB, ethernet etc. so I'm assuming these are OK.

You don't say which flavour of sound drivers you're using but if you're using nvaudio you
could try the ALSA drivers (free on Linuxformat coverdisks) or Opensound drivers (fairly cheap) from http://www.opensound.com instead.

The other option is to try specifying some options in your /etc/modules.conf file for the sound driver you're using - you can assign a different irq & IO settings etc.

Does this make any sense ?

Good Luck !

Chris B-W.

eric239 03-02-03 06:22 PM


Thanks for your reply.
Actually it doesn't matter at all whether a sound driver is being loaded or not. I have standard i810_audio built as a module as well as NVidia's nvaudio. My first order of business was, of course, to connect the machine to the network, so I didn't even bother with sound. Having discovered this problem, I played with loading either i810_audio or nvaudio before or after nvnet, but it didn't make a bit of a difference...
What makes me really frustrated is the fact that it works just fine on Windoze :(

It'd be nice to hear from an NVidia engineer...but I don't know if they actually watch these lists.

Learn from my experience, people, don't try to "save" money with intgerated motherboards!


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