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sonicx 11-29-06 07:43 PM

system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
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i set up a new system using kubuntu 6.10,a gainward 7800gs on a tyan dual mainboard and 1G corsair ddr. i used the 9629 drivers and the whole system froze when stopping the X server, starting any fullscreen opengl app and when running windowed opengl apps for a while. after downgrading to kubuntu 6.06.1 the problem still persisted. so i installed the new betadrivers 9742. now the system is somewhat stable, but gives me a MCE exactly every 5 mins, but not always. it still freezes when running opengl applications. enemy territory and quake3 did not crash till now, but doom3 crashes after about a half our of gaming in maximum detail, most of the times when hitting a savepoint or something like that. quake4 freezes after about 15 minutes of gaming in high detail and freezes everytime when the first map is loaded after the intro if i switch to ultrahighdetail.
specview 9 freezes after about 5 minutes.
i monitored voltages and temperatures but all of that is ok. if i dont start gl stuff the system runs without freezing (tested 24 hours). the more detail and textures the game/application uses, the faster comes the freeze.
the screen does not turn black, it just stays with the last viewed frame, sound hangs with the same second of noise without a change from that moment on.

i am using the latest bios for my mainboard, the drivers were installed in a clean enviroment without concurring drivers. the xorg.conf is a known-good one.

can anyone help me point out where exactly the problem lies?
is there a an older driver-version that might not produce this freezes?
is there a way to find out what MCE is happing every 5 minutes, or what produces it?


tried disabling FW in bios
tried fiddling aperature size in bios
tried switching apg-mode in bios
nothing interesting logged but those MCEs

whig 11-29-06 08:52 PM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
Two things... don't load the dri module (xorg.conf) and check ram with memtest86.

netllama 11-29-06 09:07 PM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
I have a few questions:
0) Do these problems persist if you set NvAGP to 0 in xorg.conf?
1) Do these problems persist if you use a newer (2.6.18.x) kernel?
2) Have you verified that your memory(RAM) is ok?
3) Have you checked the messages log for more details on the MCE?


sonicx 11-29-06 11:28 PM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
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first off thank you both for your quick answer, as i a am kind of desperate i appreciate that.
i tried not loading the dri modules earlier, without success. removed that line again now but doesnt help now either.
a mem problem sounded plausible, i ran a few runs memtest86. it seems that the ECC on one the memory is either defect or incompatible with that mainboard. it gave out like 50 ECC errors a sec. but no "real" mem errors. so i disabled ECC in the bios, now memtest ran as i expected completly without errors. this removed the MCEs appearing every 5mins and strangely improved loading performance, but the freeze problem still is there.
so i set the NvAGP to "0" with the effect that quake4 ran with about 60-70% frames less, but it frooze at exactly the same point it always does is use the same settings. about 30s after the intro started, or the moment i skip the intro.
i searched all the logs again, but to no avail, theres nothing what looks strange.
ill make a new bugreport right now, with NvAGP set to "0", maybe that helps.
im pretty much out of ideas. i dont think its a mem prob, as i can completly use it with non gl progs.
for infos sake i tried more games and stuff, everything gl behaves like quake4, the less detail and textures the longer it lasts. i was able to play a large q3 deathmatch for hours, without any heatups, voltagedrops or so.
could the gpu be faulty? i mean, i dont think so as it is nearly new and hasnt been really used yet. the mb is new, the psu too.
got more ideas? im eager to try them.

Wolfman [TWP] 11-30-06 12:26 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
What's the model of the Tyan board??


sonicx 11-30-06 12:40 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
it a s2875S(anrf), tiger k8w. i know about the incompability issues of this board, and had it replaced, its the latest revision, and voltages are rock stable.

Wolfman [TWP] 11-30-06 01:04 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
Are you using registered DDR (Or DDR2) Memory?? Just curious, as I've been using Tyan boards for years, and they are usually quite stable. I have 3 Tiger MPX boards (Yeah, they are quite old now).. And using registered DDR memory on them, and having ECC enabled, they ran quite well.. (Updated them due to their age.. Only 4x AGP, 266MHz FSB, and 100MB IDE). I've had nearly all AGP boards in them from the 3xxx Series boards right up to the 6800Ultras, and they have run without lockups.. Unless Tyan are getting slack with their board design.. (No SLI stuff yet from what can see.. :()


sonicx 11-30-06 01:39 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
its corsair twinx1024 regecc pc2700 or 3200 not sure. but the ram checks ok if i switch of ecc, so i dont think it has anything to do with the freezes.

Wolfman [TWP] 11-30-06 05:57 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
The basic reason for targeting the memory, is because the new system I put together. Suffered the same symptoms as your describing when you are running games. (Using the drivers 3D mode).. I would go and run Doom3 or Prey, and they would hard lock the system. (And usually in the same place, and regardless of which version of the Nvidia Driver I used. Plus I even went as far as replacing the Video card to a different Nvidia model, and the system still hard locked or rebooted) After alot of investigation, I found that the new motherboard, didn't detect the memory timings and memory voltage (SPD) correctly. After setting all the memory timings and memory voltage up manually, the system is now rock solid. This may not apply to you, but it's worth investigating.. Especially, when your memory fails when ECC is enabled.. I ran the memtest86 on my older systems (I now use as game servers), and they pass the memory test while the ECC is enabled.. (The only thing I don't like with enabling the ECC, is that it takes too long to boot from cold start. Specially with 3GB's of RAM installed)..


sonicx 11-30-06 09:59 AM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
hello again,
fiddlin with the memory timings crushed the system. it now doesnt do anything but make fan-noise. the checkpoint display on the board says d5, d4 if i remove the ram, which - i hope - means that only the ram is defect. man.... my nerves... contacted corsair and i guess they would send me replacements - so ill send in that modules. i really hope that this operation did not frag more of the hardware, no idea how this could happen... maybe the memory was faulty in a way that it had it coming - but hm. well, as i cant afford replacements ill get going with the RMA right now,
thanks for your help guys, maybe ill be back with my problem in a few weeks.

jash 02-21-07 08:57 PM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
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It sounds like I'm having a similar problem to this one. I'm using an Asus motherboard (A7M266-D), without that much RAM, and X Windows locked up playing Doom 3. I upgraded to 1.0.9746 drivers and now Doom 3 won't even start, saying that OpenGL isn't available or something. If I run glxgears it aborts, and then the windowing system gets all funny with redrawing windows and such.

netllama 02-21-07 09:22 PM

Re: system freezes, geforce 7800, latest drivers
Please post the output from glxinfo.


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