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rick_ter 03-02-03 10:35 AM

No virtual consoles
Hello all,
I have a question and it may be brand related but was wondering if there is a fix or not.
I have a PNY geforce4 mx420 agp card with the latest drivers and MDK8.2, and all works fine. Now a friend of mine bought an Apollo geforce4 mx440 agp and pretty much the same setup and when he fires up X he loses the virtual consoles but X is fine. We swapped cards and now my mach. has no virtual consoles but his works.
Has anyone heard of this? Is there a fix?
The Apollo card has really fast fps (about
twice my PNY card) with glx so he would like to use that card if possible.


hachre 03-05-03 06:45 AM

this problem can be fixed with a bios upgrade to the video card

rick_ter 03-05-03 10:19 PM

Thanks for the info hachre I'm going to check for an upgrade now.


rick_ter 03-06-03 05:11 PM

As Scooby Doo would say
Cant seem to get any info from the manufacturer, (Apollo) they don't seem to have any reference to their Nvidia cards. Is this a bad sign? I sent them an email but I'm not expecting much. Is there a site that has compatable bios upgrades?


hachre 03-07-03 08:41 AM

there are unofficial nvidia bioses out there - try to get one of these!

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